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  • Ultrafast Joulemeters - 130 & 200 kHz Energy Meters Up to 200 kHz Pulse-to-Pulse
    130kHz with Mach 5 Module and M5 Detectors
    200 kHz with Mach 6 Module and M6 Detectors

    Capture and Store up to 4 million Pulses Store 40 seconds of data at 100 kHz

    Track Missing Pulses and Pulses Below Threshold Know how many pulses were missed or that didn't make the energy threshold with this unique pulse feature

    Several Heads to Choose From Silicon, InGaAs and Pyroelectric heads for a broad wavelength and energy range

    Analog Module Available Use our fast M5/M6 Detectors with the APM and an oscilloscope for fast analog energy measurements

    Full-Speed USB 2.0 Connection Ensures high data rate transfer and fast operation

    User-Friendly Software with Many Diagnostic Features
    Live Mode, Strip Chart, Histogram and Statistics displays
    FFT display of pulse energy data for temporal diagnostics
    Life Test Mode to automate laser testing

    Compatible Modules
    Mach 5
    Mach 6
    APM (Analog Power Module)
  • FieldMax-P - Laser Energy Meter (RoHS) Laser Energy Meter. Introducing FieldMax-P, an affordable, versatile, easy-to-use digital energy meter designed for field service production test applications. FieldMax-P features a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD and an intuitive user interface offering direct button-driven control for simple operation.
    Coherent Instruments

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