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  • TruView X-Ray Elite - X-ray Inspection System The TruView X-Ray Elite is the high-end system in the TruView product line. The TruView Elite was design to meet your stringent requirements when performing process control, failure analysis, BGA inspection, and counterfeit detection.
    Creative Electron
  • RTX-113HV - X-ray Inspection System A high performance real-time X-ray inspection system designed for inspection of multi-layer, assembled printed circuit boards, with dense metal BGAs, and recommended for lead free inspection requirements. Our RTX-113HV system meets all your needs for inspecting BGA packages.
    Glenbrook Technologies
  • PW-600E - Power supply auto-inspection system PW-600E is a Universal Switching Power Supply Test System which is Cost Down and High Speed Testing type. PW-600E would provide less expensive ,fast Speed .Thanks to USB control, Much faster testing time can be provided than any other GPIB Systems. English menu is available now.
    Keisoku Giken Co
  • TFT-LCD Edge Inspection System This system is a inspection system to improve the productivity of line by detecting the critical errors of materials on the corner and adjunct surface in its early stage. It is possible to monitor the quality panel form by measuring and inspecting the items of dimension, burr, broken, and chipping as well as to prevent it from continuous and highly volume of defects.
    Synapse Imaging Co
  • InVision - Inline Orbotech's Inline Inspection Systems Automated Optical inspection is an integral part of today?s rigorous quality and process control procedures. Orbotech's InVision? series of systems provide the ultimate automated solution for high-speed FPD inspection.
    Orbotech Ltd
  • TruView Prime - X-ray Inspection System The TruView Prime is a fully motorized radiography system developed to meet the stringent requirements of electronics assembly and component inspection. The TruView Prime is professionaly built - something hard to find in entry level systems in the TruView Prime's price range.
    Creative Electron
  • 26700-102-10 - Micro Zoom Video Inspection System on Boom Stand Micro Lens Zoom Lens with Fine Focus 0.7x to 4.5x with 1x coupler and a 0.5x objective lens E-Arm with focus control Double Arm Boom Stand with a heavy duty base (285 x 260mm), 380mm vertical post and a 225mm extension post and 570mm horizontal post. Allows for smooth travel over specimen being viewed
  • ERSASCOPE XL - PCB Inspection System The ERSASCOPE System XL allows for the use of either ERSASCOPE 1 or ERSASCOPE 2 optics for big board applications. With a wide range of movement, X-Y microadjustable antistatic table with integrated bottom side supports, measuring 600 x 700 mm (24" x 28") , and a 300 mm (12") telescopic arm, this system has been designed for the comfortable inspection of the largest PCBs.
    Kurtz Ersa
  • GlassChek - X-ray Inspection System, Dual Beam The GlassChek x-ray inspection system is a dual beam x-ray system that detects foreign bodies like glass shards in glass jars and can simultaneously ensure product integrity for a wide range of glass containers. The variations in thickness and shape inherent in glass jars prove to be no problem for the GlassChek x-ray system.
  • JewelBox 70T - Real-time X-ray Inspection System The Jewel Box 70-T delivers superior image quality with excellent resolution and sensitivity for laboratory and failure analysis applications. The system?s high-resolution MXRA® x-ray camera and 10-micron MicroTech? x-ray source provide magnification from 7X to 2000X, with resolution of 100 line pairs/mm.
    Glenbrook Technologies
  • FI-6 Series - Manual Single Side Bare PCB Final Inspection AVI System InScan FI-6 is a compact and high performance manual single side AVI for Final Inspection of PCB boards. Performing job setup is fast and easy. The setup is based on golden board and CAD data which greatly simplifies the setup process. Additionally, the setup process is fast and intuitive and can be completed in less than an hour. The FI-6 series inspects and processes a single side board sized 210X300 mm is less than 18 sec.
    InScan Limited (SIP)
  • WIS - Wafer Inspection System Our Wafer Inspection System – WIS - carries out a fully automated inspection of mono- and polycrystalline silicon wafers. The modular design of the system means that individual configuration with the latest inspection technologies as well as smooth integration into your product lines is possible.
    Jonas & Redmann
  • FOCIS Flex - Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System Connector inspection is simple, fast, and convenient using AFL's FOCIS Flex. With one button, FOCIS Flex auto-focuses, captures, centers and displays the end-face image. It also applies pass/fail rules and can transfer the image and results to a paired FLX380 or OFL280 FlexTester OTDR via Bluetooth.
    AFL Telecommunications
  • TeraFab Series - Reticle Defect Inspection Systems for IC Fab Applications The TeraFab™HT reticle defect inspection system enables fabs to perform "early warning" reticle checks with 28nm logic / 3Xnm hp-node sensitivity, minimizing the risk of printing defective wafers before the excursion is caught. TeraFab reticle defect inspection systems are available as new systems or as field upgrades to existing TeraFab or h Series models.
  • FyrEyeP 3400 - Assembly Inspection System Inspects part assemblies for proper and complete assembly, and use of correct components.
    FSI Technologies
  • WTX typeⅠ - Comprehensive Winding Inspection System * DC resistance , Insulation and Resisting pressure meters can be controlled with the DWX-05 ( Upper row picture ). This equipment examines Impulse test- 5 steps , DC current resistance 5-steps , Insulation resistance and AC resisting pressure tests 2-steps , even out of start operation at the maximum, and is simultaneously judged automatically by carrying out a circuit change in combination with WTX series.
    ECG Kokusai Co. Ltd
  • NAT-31 - Microscope Inspection System This system is based on high clarity zoom optics and an USB 2.0 digital camera. It is designed to be a cost-effective, versatile solution for clinical, life science, materials science, semiconductor and educational professionals. The zoom optics have a 0.7X-4.5X objective lens, 2X relay lens and a 0.5X or 1.0X objective multiplier.
    J MicroTechnology
  • TELPADS -O - High Speed Probe Mark Automatic Inspection System The TELPADS -O provides ultra-high-speed throughput of more than 50 times compared with probe mark inspection (PMI) capabilities fitted to current wafer probers. Thanks to this function, TEL conducts a probe mark inspection with an automated microscope and thereby contributes to an improvement of the availability of the inspection device and a reduction in the need for operator interaction.
    Tokyo Electron Ltd
  • SPI HS60 - Solder Paste Inspection System The most reliable and accurate 3D data Our innovative 3D laser triangulation sensor, RSC profiles exactly real shape of features and also provides very robust 3D data against considerable variations of PCB color and finishing condition, solder material, paste shape, and warpage.
  • FOCIS PRO - Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System The NOYES Family of FOCIS PRO automatic fiber inspection solutions provide network personnel with the capability to automatically document fiber connector cleanliness and integrity. FOCIS PRO combines a palm-sized DFD1 Touchscreen Tablet, a DFS1 Digital FiberScope and AFL SimpleView PRO analysis software to provide the inspection and analysis power of current laptop and probe solutions and the ergonomics, ease of use, ruggedness and ownership costs of basic "live only" viewers. FOCIS PRO solutions are future-proof because their optical resolution and detection specifications exceed current international standards and their sortware-based analysis applications can be upgrades as market requirements evolve.
  • SPI 50T - Solder Paste Inspection System The most reliable 3D data and 100 % inspection Our innovative 3D laser triangulation sensor, the RSC profiles real shape of features and also provides highly robust 3D data against considerable variations of PCB color and finishing condition, solder material, paste shape, and warpage. This highest quality of 3D data backs up top level performance of SPI 50T system concerning about the reliability and accuracy.
  • Vi-4x03FX - B&W Chip Defect Inspection System (High-Speed Model) Vi-4x03FX is a flag ship machine which make high-speed human level inspection possible. Vi-4x03FX corresponds to power device, CIS and the other devices using Topcon technohouse’ Know-how.
    TOPCON TechnoHouse
  • TD-4M - Solder Paste Inspection System Inspection system for measuring paste area and volume easily.
    Malcom Co. Ltd
  • AFIS - Automated Inspection System for Fiber Optic Connectors The AFIS has the ability to inspect up to 60 connectors at a time without the need for someone to visually inspect each connector.
    Nanometer Technologies

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