Inspection Systems

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  • 506 - Automated Optical Inspection System We are proud to introduce the latest member of our model 505 AOI product family, the 506. This system was developed to provide a high coverage, easy to program AOI system for the larger backplanes / backpanels being produced today.
  • TD-6A - Solder Paste Print Inspection System Automated table-top inspection system for measuring paste height, area, volume, and misprinting.
    Malcom Co. Ltd
  • BF-X2 - In-line automated X-ray inspection system Saki boosts up the inspection to another stage by this ultimate inspection system. The high-accuracy 3D image makes the detection of defects much easier. BF-X2 is our proudly offered 3D X-ray inspection system which provides a new standard of inspection system.
  • TeraScanHR - Reticle Inspection System The TeraScanHR Reticle Defect Inspection System provides powerful technology and productivity features that enable the production of defect free reticles for 45nm. The new defect inspection system includes higher resolution optical imaging for a smaller pixel size, new capabilities for inspecting aggressive Optical Proximity Correction (OPC), and higher speed image processing to improve productivity
  • TR7600 - Automated X-Ray Inspection system The TR7600 in-line Automated X-Ray Inspection system uses X-Ray technology to penetrate PCBs and components to capture test images. It is the ideal solution for testing BGA components and areas not accessible by other test technologies.
    Test Research
  • NS1500 Series - Disk Surface Inspection System Ideal for defect analysis in the surface of substrate and disks. The sophisticated classify defect can be detected by the develop and evaluation disk surface inspection system that measure at a same spindle by optical interference, laser irradiation of multi bearing and newly developed incline defect method.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • JewelBox 90T - X-ray Inspection System The Jewel Box 90-T delivers precision x-ray images of ultra-high resolution and grey scale accuracy without the aberrations of voltage blooming and pincushioning prevalent in other systems. Glenbrook?s patented, award-winning MXRA® x-ray camera technology.
    Glenbrook Technologies
  • Prime - 3D In-line After Printing Substrate Bump Inspection System 3D In-line After Printing Substrate Bump Inspection System
    Koh Young Technology
  • WIS 8000 - Wafer Inspection System Macro / micro wafer inspection system for 200 and 300mm wafers. Auto conversion between 200 & 300mm wafers with recipe. FOUP, FOSB & open cassette (std 2 ports with 3rd load port as optional). Easily upgradeable to become wafer sorter station. Uses reliable robotic arm. Wafer mapping up/down loading from central wafer mapping system & editing.
  • LaserTracTM AutoFocus - Inspection System The LaserTracTM AutoFocus is designed to perform in the most demanding applications, including inspection systems processing semiconductor wafers, read/write heads, hard disks and even razor blades. It provides real-time autofocus of infinite conjugate objectives developed by Olympus, Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, Mitutoyo and other manufacturers. LaserTrac increases throughput and greatly reduces operator fatigue.
    General Dynamics
  • R50G - X-ray Inspection System, Foreign Bodies The R50G X-ray Inspection system is designed to detect foreign bodies and inspect fill levels of small to large diameter glass jars at high line speeds. The technology incorporates an angled x-ray beam that shoots through the base area while simultaneously inspecting the side of glass containers, providing unrivalled glass-in-glass inspection. The R50G X-ray requires no product handling, meaning no spacing between jars, maximizing throughput of up to 1,200 containers per minute.
  • IVI 1000 - Vision Inspection System IVI is an automated, reliable and cost effective machine vision solution for Post Wire Bond Inspection and measurement. The system utilises a unique and proprietary sub-pixeling technology with localised calibration and distortion correction enabling high accuracy measurement with unsurpassed repeatability.
    In.D Solution
  • Surfscan SP2XP - Wafer Surface Inspection System The Surfscan SP2XPwafer surface inspection system is the unpatterned wafer inspection system best designed for all types of bare wafer substrates, including prime silicon wafers, epitaxial, SOI (silicon-on-insulator) and engineered substrates, to meet 45nm IC manufacturing requirements.
  • Y.COUGAR VXP - 2D & 3D Microfocus X-ray Inspection System Designed to meet a wide range of rigorous needs of the electronics, automotive, military and aerospace, telecom and medical device markets, the compact Y.Cougar microfocus platform provides the most versatile X-ray solution for 2D and 3D inspection in the market.
    YXLON International
  • Vertex Series-A - X-Ray Inspection System The VJ Electronix Vertex Series – A is a versatile, all-purpose system with a large (20" x 24") inspection area and configuration flexibility for manual and automatic X-Ray examination. Designed to reveal hidden defects in Electonic Components and Assemblies, injection moulded Parts and other Non-Destructive Testing Applications.
    VJ Electronix
  • X-SCOPE 1800 - Cabinet X-Ray Inspection System A 2"x2" digital flat panel x-ray detector
    90 kV- 5 micron x ray tube
    Z axis movement of the x-ray tube
    Computer controlled kV and mA settings
    Computer controlled variable speed X-Y stage
    Full featured Image processing CPU with 19 inch LCD flat panel monitor
    70 degree tilting tube and detector
  • US-1179 - Tie Bolt Inspection System The Tie Bolt Inspection System US-1779 employs eddy current technology for nondestructive testing of tie bolts used in aircraft wheels. Now in use by commercial and military aircraft. The system can test the threads as well as the underside of the bolt head. The system includes the UniWest's US-454A eddy current instrument, the UniWest Tie Bolt Scanner (US-1779), and specialty probe US-1839. The specialty probe detects flaws in both steel and inconel bolts.
  • DayCor® Rail - Railway UV Inspection System A fully automatic precise corona detection system customized for electrical trains, trams and street cars, dedicated to generate reports of the detected corona and arcing with integrated geographical position data and corona severity. Endures speeds of up to 200 km/h.
    The detected Corona is automatically recorded and processed into reports. It is stored in a DVD-video movie format with positioning, date & time indications. Reports are multilingual and localized.
    Features include: Rugged, automatic stand alone operation, automatic report generation, corona counting, GPS
    Ofil Ltd
  • PILOT - Control Software for wafer probing and inspection systems An integral part of SemiProbe’s patented adaptive architecture, PILOT control software consists of a number of DLL-based functional modules linked through the SemiServer for communicating to and from the PS4L and other test equipment. Standard control modules include the Navigator and Position Matrix, with a host of more sophisticated capabilities for applications like automated wafer mapping and pattern recognition.
  • Nano 3000 - Visual Inspection System The Nano 3000 combines all the features of a high end inspection system into a compact footprint. Featuring high speed, high precison linear motors, the Nano 300 is ideal for sub micron inspection at high speed for productions or research.
    Pacific Precision
  • VisEdge CV300 - Wafer Edge Inspection System Representing the semiconductor industry?s first inspection solution capable of meeting the full range of wafer-edge inspection requirements in a production environment, the VisEdge CV300 system leverages KLA-Tencor?s proven Optical Surface Analyzer (OSA) technology. Many advanced IC manufacturers are facing an average of 10 to 50 percent greater yield loss at the wafer?s edge relative to their best yielding region and a comprehensive inspection strategy that includes advanced edge inspection has become critical. Built on a highly extendible platform, the tool?s combination of unique optics design and advanced defect classification capabilities allows IC manufacturers to overcome the limitations of existing edge inspection techniques and enable broader capture and better distinction of edge defectivity to increase yield.
  • SmartChek - X-ray Inspection Systems, Unwanted contaminants The SmarChek x-ray inspection system simultaneously detects and rejects unwanted contaminants, regardless of their shape or location within bulk food products. Any contaminants are quickly eliminated through a single or multi-flap rejection system (maximum 8 reject channels possible), minimizing waste and improving productivity.
  • BF-Comet/BF-Sirius - Benchtop Automated Optical Inspection Systems Saki desktop AOI, BF-Comet for M-size board and BF-Sirius for L-size board, have three models. BF-Comet10 is designed for high density mounting PCB with 01005(0402) chips. It has 10µm resolution and stable scanning unit. BF-Comet 18 and BF-Sirius are designed for high volume manufacturing. These models have 18µm resolution and high speed scanning hardware. Solder fillets on components as small as the high density mounted 0201(0603) chip, as well as IC’s with 0.4 mm pitch lead are easily inspected and analyzed.
  • AFIS Jr.+ - Automated Fiberoptic Inspection System The AFIS jr. Plus has the ability to test every fiber in a 72 fiber MT connector...automatically.
    Nanometer Technologies

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