Inspection Systems

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  • WTX typeⅠ - Comprehensive Winding Inspection System * DC resistance , Insulation and Resisting pressure meters can be controlled with the DWX-05 ( Upper row picture ). This equipment examines Impulse test- 5 steps , DC current resistance 5-steps , Insulation resistance and AC resisting pressure tests 2-steps , even out of start operation at the maximum, and is simultaneously judged automatically by carrying out a circuit change in combination with WTX series.
    ECG Kokusai Co. Ltd
  • TELPADS -O - High Speed Probe Mark Automatic Inspection System The TELPADS -O provides ultra-high-speed throughput of more than 50 times compared with probe mark inspection (PMI) capabilities fitted to current wafer probers. Thanks to this function, TEL conducts a probe mark inspection with an automated microscope and thereby contributes to an improvement of the availability of the inspection device and a reduction in the need for operator interaction.
    Tokyo Electron Ltd
  • phoenix pcba|inspector - 2D Microfocus X-ray Inspection System The phoenix pcba|inspector is a high-resolution 2D microfocus X-ray inspection system designed for inspecting solder joints (e.g. BGA, QFN, QFP, PTH, CSP, Flip Chip) in board assemblies, but also for inspection of electronic and mechanic components and more.
    GE Measurement &
  • TD-6A - Solder Paste Print Inspection System Automated table-top inspection system for measuring paste height, area, volume, and misprinting.
    Malcom Co. Ltd
  • KY8030-2 - Dual Projection 3D In-Line Solder Inspection System The new KY8030-2 delivers 2x faster inspection without compromising performance and accuracy. Using patented dual projection, the system eliminates the critical Shadow problem that all 3D SPI systems can be vulnerable to. Easy UI and SPC Plus are included in the system package in order to help users achieve faster & easier printer process optimization
    Koh Young Technology
  • BF-Comet/BF-Sirius - Benchtop Automated Optical Inspection Systems Saki desktop AOI, BF-Comet for M-size board and BF-Sirius for L-size board, have three models. BF-Comet10 is designed for high density mounting PCB with 01005(0402) chips. It has 10µm resolution and stable scanning unit. BF-Comet 18 and BF-Sirius are designed for high volume manufacturing. These models have 18µm resolution and high speed scanning hardware. Solder fillets on components as small as the high density mounted 0201(0603) chip, as well as IC's with 0.4 mm pitch lead are easily inspected and analyzed.
  • IR-MEMS Inspector - Inspection Systems A nondestructive/non-contact infrared inspection device for MEMS and semiconductors, etc. Suitable for void inspection for room-temperature direct, anode, eutectic, polymer, glass frit bonding, etc. Also can be used for inspection after dicing, grooving and after SiO2 sacrificial layer etching.
    Moritex USA
  • TR7600 - Automated X-Ray Inspection system The TR7600 in-line Automated X-Ray Inspection system uses X-Ray technology to penetrate PCBs and components to capture test images. It is the ideal solution for testing BGA components and areas not accessible by other test technologies.
    Test Research
  • FOCIS Flex - Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System Connector inspection is simple, fast, and convenient using AFL's FOCIS Flex. With one button, FOCIS Flex auto-focuses, captures, centers and displays the end-face image. It also applies pass/fail rules and can transfer the image and results to a paired FLX380 or OFL280 FlexTester OTDR via Bluetooth.
    ACA Conductor Accessories
  • X-eye 5000 Series - X-ray inspection system for PCBA/SMD and Electronic Components X-eye 5000 Series provide a superior X-ray inspection solution to reduce costs and increase throughput. Equipped a micro-focus X-ray tube, X-eye 5000 series provide high-quality X-ray image with ease of use. The system comes with auto-teaching (CNC programming) along with Auto BGA Inspection module.
    SEC Co. Ltd
  • GI7500 Series - Glass Plate Inspection System Suitable contamination control for 8th generation LCD process. The GI7500 is an inspection equipment for 8th generation glass substrate that uses an original detection optics for high inspection sensitivity and high reliability. It's high-speed inspecting and high-magnification particle review by TV monitor make the GI7500 ideal for inspecting the glass.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • TeraScanHR - Reticle Inspection System The TeraScanHR Reticle Defect Inspection System provides powerful technology and productivity features that enable the production of defect free reticles for 45nm. The new defect inspection system includes higher resolution optical imaging for a smaller pixel size, new capabilities for inspecting aggressive Optical Proximity Correction (OPC), and higher speed image processing to improve productivity
  • FOCIS WIFI - WiFi Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System FOCIS WiFi combines the proven fiber connector inspection and analysis capabilities of our award-winning FOCIS and FOCIS PRO systems with the familiar, powerful and easy-to-use capabilities of a smartphone or tablet. No matter where your work takes you FOCIS WiFi is as mobile, agile and connected as you are.
  • FOCIS - Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System The Noyes Family of FOCIS integrated fiber inspection solutions provide network personnel with the capability to document fiber connector cleanliness. FOCIS combines a palm-sized DFD1 Touchscreen Tablet, a DFS1 Digital FiberScope and AFL SimpleView Plus inspection software to provide the inspection and analysis power of current laptop and probe solutions and the ergonomics, ease of use, ruggedness and ownership costs of basic "live only" viewers. FOCIS solutions are future-proof because their optical resolution and detection specifications exceed current international standards and their software-based inspection and analysis applications can be upgraded as market requirements evolve.
  • ndt|analysers - High Resolution X-ray Inspection System The ndt|analyser is a high-resolution microfocus X-ray system for non-destructive 2D real time X-ray inspection of electronic, mechanic components, sensors, cables, castings and much more. An automatic inspection is possible due to the large and powerful image processing software.
    GE Measurement &
  • Surfscan SP2XP - Wafer Surface Inspection System The Surfscan SP2XPwafer surface inspection system is the unpatterned wafer inspection system best designed for all types of bare wafer substrates, including prime silicon wafers, epitaxial, SOI (silicon-on-insulator) and engineered substrates, to meet 45nm IC manufacturing requirements.
  • ASR-260A - UV Concrete Field Inspection System The Spectroline ASR-260A UV Concrete Field Inspection System is the only on-site device that enables inspectors to instantly detect the presence of concrete-damaging alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) gel in previously hard-to-examine places. Use it on pavement, roads, highway-support structures, bridges, dams, railroad-support pillars, airport runways, tunnels, buildings and much more.
  • Platiscan VI - Visual Inspection System PlatiScan VI, has been developed to provide a very novel approach to Visual Inspection. The system was developed for the pcb assembly business but can be applied to many production industries.
    WG-Test GmbH
  • Sherlock-300I - Integrate automated optical inspection (AOI) system Sherlock-300I integrates cleanly with your existing production line to provide complete defect coverage before and/or after reflow or after wave soldering. Powerful algorithm-based software detects defects and helps to improve your process. Programming can optionally be done at an offline station to prevent disruption of production.
  • dimensionCONTROL 8260 - Silicon Ingot Inspection System The “dimensionCONTROL 8260 for Ingot” measuring system inspects the surface of the bricks using several laser line scanners and in doing so measures the side lengths, phase lengths, angles, diagonal surfaces and the planarity of the side surfaces completely automatically. Ingot lengths up to 2500 mm
    Micro-Epsilon Group
  • phoenix microme|x - Submicron X-ray Inspection System A high-resolution microfocus X-ray inspection system that is mainly designed for real time X-ray inspection of solder joints and electronic components. It combines high-resolution 2D X-ray technology and computed tomography in one system while offering innovative features. The versatile, easy-to-use phoenix microme|x offers outstanding image quality and can be used in failure analysis labs as well as on the production floor.
    GE Measurement &
  • 26700-102-10 - Micro Zoom Video Inspection System on Boom Stand Micro Lens Zoom Lens with Fine Focus 0.7x to 4.5x with 1x coupler and a 0.5x objective lens E-Arm with focus control Double Arm Boom Stand with a heavy duty base (285 x 260mm), 380mm vertical post and a 225mm extension post and 570mm horizontal post. Allows for smooth travel over specimen being viewed
  • phoenix microme|x DXR-HD - Microfocus X-ray Inspection System The phoenix microme|x DXR-HD is a high-resolution 180 kV microfocus X-ray inspection system for real time inspection of solder joints and electronic components as well as for automated inspection (µAXI).
    GE Measurement &
  • IS3000 - Dark Field Wafer Defect Inspection System Dark field wafer inspection system for 45 nm generation
    Effective for yield enhancement by the high sensitivity / high speed inspection capabilities. Superior cost effective inspection tool. DFC (Dark field real time classification)
    Recipe set up in minutes. Precise coordinate system for SEM review.
    Hitachi High-Technologies

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