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  • Purpose-built system configurations to match specific inspection requirements When there is no X-ray and CT system available that suits your organization's specific requirements, Nikon Metrology can develop a purpose-built system. CT specialists from Nikon Metrology build complete systems, configured with customer-specific inspection cabinet, manipulator, detectors, software features, etc.
    Nikon Instruments
  • phoenix pcba|inspector - 2D Microfocus X-ray Inspection System The phoenix pcba|inspector is a high-resolution 2D microfocus X-ray inspection system designed for inspecting solder joints (e.g. BGA, QFN, QFP, PTH, CSP, Flip Chip) in board assemblies, but also for inspection of electronic and mechanic components and more.
    GE Measurement &
  • ScanINSPECT BPI - Inspection System ScanINSPECT provides a simple and user-friendly alternative to inaccurate and time-consuming manual inspection methods or expensive high-end AOI systems. ScanINSPECT uses a simple Windows user interface integrated with an image-processing unit. This combination allows 100% inspection of ball or bump placement on a wide variety of substrates and device types.
    ScanCAD International
  • X-SCOPE 2000/2300 - X-Ray Inspection Systems The X-Scope 2000 series is a general purpose, high resolution, fully programmable x-ray system designed to address the nondestructive testing needs for failure analysis, research and development, process development, process monitoring and the ongoing support of electronics assembly, rework and repair.
  • IVI 1000 - Vision Inspection System IVI is an automated, reliable and cost effective machine vision solution for Post Wire Bond Inspection and measurement. The system utilises a unique and proprietary sub-pixeling technology with localised calibration and distortion correction enabling high accuracy measurement with unsurpassed repeatability.
    In.D Solution
  • 26700-102-00 - Micro Zoom Video Inspection System w Standard Stand Micro Lens Zoom Lens with Fine Focus 0.7x to 4.5x with 1x coupler and a 0.5x objective lens Focus Mount with Coarse and Fine Focus Standard Stand with 10 threaded holes. Allows you to fixture your part if necessary. Size of base 279 x 330 mm (11"x 13") with Stainless Steel post 406.5mm (16") tall VGA 1.3M HD color camera with built in SD Card. Camera. For more information on the camera, Click Here Fiber Optic Illuminator 150 Watt with Ring Light This modular system can be upgraded to meet your magnification or high accuracy measurement requirements. Call us at 734-973-0099 for customization.
  • TR7600 - Automated X-Ray Inspection system The TR7600 in-line Automated X-Ray Inspection system uses X-Ray technology to penetrate PCBs and components to capture test images. It is the ideal solution for testing BGA components and areas not accessible by other test technologies.
    Test Research
  • KY-7000 - 3D Component Inspection and Die Position Measurement System 3D Component Inspection and Die Position Measurement System
    Koh Young Technology
  • ChemetriQ® 5000 Series - Inspection System y Features: Non-contact, Non-destructive Inspection Rapid High Resolution Full-wafer Imaging with Patented ChemetriQ Surface Potential Difference Imaging Technology Sub-monolayer Sensitivity to Organic and Metallic Contamination High Resolution Patterned Charge Maps for Measurement of Process-induced Charging Patterned, Bare and Blanket Wafer Support 0mm Edge Exclusion for NVD Edge Inspection Q-Viewer™ for Scan-Once-Optimize-Many™ Scan Analysis
    Qcept Technologies
  • ULTRAPROBE 100 - Analog Ultrasonic Inspection System The Ultraprobe senses high frequency sounds produced by operating equipment, leaks and electrical discharges. It electronically translates these signals by heterodyning them down into the audible range so that a user can hear these sounds through a headset and see them as intensity increments on the meter. Heterodyning works the same as a radio in that it accurately transforms the sounds so that they are easily recognized and understood.
    UE Systems
  • Bandoleer - Continuous Web X-ray Inspection System he Bandoleer x-ray inspection system is suitable for the inspection of blister packs, powder and sachet bandoleers before cutting and packaging. It is the first x-ray inspection system in the world which allows simultaneous filler feedback and inspection at the filler station.
  • HP2/HP3 Series - Fiber Inspection and Test Systems The HP2 and HP3 Series systems integrates the most essential fiber tools into a single solution that cuts test time in half and delivers a better network performance. Both systems allow technicians to work smarter and faster with a tool that promotes best practices in an efficient workflow. Doing things right the first time protects the network investment by preventing costly mistakes that could affect network performance later on. The result is a significant increase in workflow efficiency and a decrease in total inspection and testing time. Both the HP2 and HP3 also include the option for an integrated patch cord microscope (PCM) for dedicated patch cord inspection.
  • Vertex Series-A - X-Ray Inspection System The VJ Electronix Vertex Series – A is a versatile, all-purpose system with a large (20" x 24") inspection area and configuration flexibility for manual and automatic X-Ray examination. Designed to reveal hidden defects in Electonic Components and Assemblies, injection moulded Parts and other Non-Destructive Testing Applications.
    VJ Electronix
  • XT V 160 - high-quality PCB inspection system The XT V 160 is specifically designed for use in production lines and failure analysis laboratories. With a precision joystick, system users control the 5-axis sample manipulator. Real-time X-ray allows them to intuitively navigate complex printed circuit boards and electronic components and quickly trace defects. In automated inspection mode, samples can be inspected at highest throughput.
    Nikon Instruments
  • VERTEX II - X-ray Inspection System Next Generation Affordable X-ray Inspection
    VJ Electronix leads the way in providing robust and
    practical X-ray solutions to solve real production
    issues. Innovation and simplicity govern system
    design to maximize ease-of-use with programmed
    inspection and a simple 1–2–Go! user interface.
    VJ Electronix
  • PW-5000 / MINI - Power Supply Automatic Inspection System PW-5000/MINI is a small sized power supply inspection system. The operation of the software is compatible to that of PW-600E Automatic Inspection System so existing customers can use this system smoothly.
    Keisoku Giken Co
  • GI4830 - LCD Glass Plate Inspection System An inspection equipment for 4th generation glass substrate.
    An original detection optics achieve high sensitivities. This equipment also features accurate front and back surface separate detection, a video monitor for particle review, and a high throughput for substrate.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • Standalone Type - US Inspection System The world's only system able to perform high-speed measurement of refractive index anisotropy of alignment layer film. Evaluation and measurement of various optical anisotropy parameters.
    Moritex USA
  • Candela 6300 Series - Topography Metrology and Defect Inspection Systems The Candela 6300 series delivers best-in-class metrology and inspection capabilities for data storage substrates and finished media. The 6300 series leverages the industry's widest spatial bandwidth coverage (from 0.22 microns to 2,000 microns) and a noise floor below 0.5 angstroms to satisfy emerging requirements for comprehensive roughness and micro-waviness measurements.
  • phoenix microme|x - Submicron X-ray Inspection System A high-resolution microfocus X-ray inspection system that is mainly designed for real time X-ray inspection of solder joints and electronic components. It combines high-resolution 2D X-ray technology and computed tomography in one system while offering innovative features. The versatile, easy-to-use phoenix microme|x offers outstanding image quality and can be used in failure analysis labs as well as on the production floor.
    GE Measurement &
  • PowerChek / PowerChek Plus Series - X-Ray Inspection System, Foreign Bodies The PowerChek and PowerChek PLUS x-ray inspection systems deliver detection and elimination of foreign bodies in bulk products regardless of its shape or location within the product. Any contaminants are quickly eliminated through a single, multi-flap or multi-airblast rejection system (maximum 64 reject channels possible), minimising waste and improving productivity.
  • WAOI Master 3000 - Wafer Probe Mark Inspection System This system is optical inspection system which inspects the pad marking and ink marking of Wafer surface automatically. This inspection system is composed of the wafer cassette part, wafer loading/unloading part, high magnification vision align part, inspection control part and inspection vision part.
    Synapse Imaging Co
  • WIS - Wafer Inspection System Our Wafer Inspection System – WIS - carries out a fully automated inspection of mono- and polycrystalline silicon wafers. The modular design of the system means that individual configuration with the latest inspection technologies as well as smooth integration into your product lines is possible.
    Jonas & Redmann
  • dimensionCONTROL 8260 - Silicon Ingot Inspection System The “dimensionCONTROL 8260 for Ingot” measuring system inspects the surface of the bricks using several laser line scanners and in doing so measures the side lengths, phase lengths, angles, diagonal surfaces and the planarity of the side surfaces completely automatically. Ingot lengths up to 2500 mm
    Micro-Epsilon Group

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