Inspection Systems

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  • 03-0001-04-00 - Cell back side inspection system BS print BS1, BS2 The ATM BS- print inspection system is a fast, non-contact technology and very small and easy to use system to detect defects in cells for solar production application.
    ATMvision AG
  • TruView™ HAWK - Optical Inspection System Sampling methods can allow for the inspection of as low as 2% of the parts in the lot. Unfortunately counterfeiters are smart enough to figure out how to spread parts on the tape to avoid detection.Thanks to TruView™ HAWK, your sampling days are over. A dream come true, for the first time ever, TruView™ HAWK’s breakthrough design makes 100% inspection economically possible.
    Creative Electron
  • XT V 160 - ACB Inspection system The XT V 160 is specifically designed for x-ray inspection in production lines and failure analysis laboratories.
    Nikon Metrology
  • VideoMic 712XA - X-Ray Inspection and Measurement System The OPTEK InnerVision is the world's first x-ray coordinate measuring machine. It measures and reports the positions of internal features such as coupon pads on inner layers of multi-layer printed circuit boards, reinforcements and fastener inserts in composite structures,and other such encapsulated or laminated features.
    Operations Technology
  • TD-6A - Solder Paste Print Inspection System Automated table-top inspection system for measuring paste height, area, volume, and misprinting.
    Malcom Co. Ltd
  • Vela Laminate - Inspection System The VELA laminate inspection system is designed as a final control of the complete laminates and is thus located after the laminator.
    Intego GmbH
  • 2365 - High Resolution Imaging Inspection System The 2365 high-resolution imaging inspection system provides the sensitivity, flexibility, and intelligence needed to capture yield-relevant defects, while ignoring nuisance defects?all on a cost-effective platform that has been proven in production. The 2365's superior sensitivity to all defect types makes it ideal for new technologies (such as copper, low-k dielectrics, and 193-nm resists) in advanced 200-mm and 300-mm fabs, with particular effectiveness for critical etch, critical CMP, photo, and engineering analysis.
  • phoenix microme|x - Submicron X-ray Inspection System A high-resolution microfocus X-ray inspection system that is mainly designed for real time X-ray inspection of solder joints and electronic components. It combines high-resolution 2D X-ray technology and computed tomography in one system while offering innovative features. The versatile, easy-to-use phoenix microme|x offers outstanding image quality and can be used in failure analysis labs as well as on the production floor.
    GE Measurement &
  • 281x Series - Brightfield Patterned Wafer Inspection Systems The 2810 and 2815 are the industry's first memory- and logic-specific full-spectrum DUV/UV/visible brightfield patterned wafer defect inspection tools, detecting a broad range of defect types on all processing layers at high production throughputs.
  • HP2/HP3 Series - Fiber Inspection and Test Systems The HP2 and HP3 Series systems integrates the most essential fiber tools into a single solution that cuts test time in half and delivers a better network performance. Both systems allow technicians to work smarter and faster with a tool that promotes best practices in an efficient workflow. Doing things right the first time protects the network investment by preventing costly mistakes that could affect network performance later on. The result is a significant increase in workflow efficiency and a decrease in total inspection and testing time. Both the HP2 and HP3 also include the option for an integrated patch cord microscope (PCM) for dedicated patch cord inspection.
  • IP-2200 - Inspection Pro Visual Inspection System Automatic appearance inspection systems are evolving in response to ever-evolving mounted PCBs. However, there is little major change in visual inspection process. Rather, it eseems that burden on visual inspection work is ever-increasing due to the miniaturizaiton of mounted components.
    WIT Co. Ltd
  • X-SCOPE 1800 - Cabinet X-Ray Inspection System A 2"x2" digital flat panel x-ray detector
    90 kV- 5 micron x ray tube
    Z axis movement of the x-ray tube
    Computer controlled kV and mA settings
    Computer controlled variable speed X-Y stage
    Full featured Image processing CPU with 19 inch LCD flat panel monitor
    70 degree tilting tube and detector
  • WIS - Wafer Inspection System Our Wafer Inspection System – WIS - carries out a fully automated inspection of mono- and polycrystalline silicon wafers. The modular design of the system means that individual configuration with the latest inspection technologies as well as smooth integration into your product lines is possible.
    Jonas & Redmann
  • MST-8555 - Audio Automatic Inspection System This automatic inspection system consists of its oscillator unit, measuring unit, and control unit according to its measuring purposes to inspect AF amplifiers, FM/AM radio units, and other digital and audio products.
    MEGURO Electronics
  • BF-10Z - Automated Optical Inspection System The new BF-10Z Automated Optical Inspection System employs SAKI’s unique Line Scan Technology for inspecting PCB panels up to 686 x 870 mm (27.01” x 34.25”) – a 40% increase in scanning area over SAKI’s previous XXL model. The BF-10Z is ideal for manufacturers building oversized products like communication base stations, server & storage assemblies and LED back panels
  • Vi-4202R - B&W Chip Defect Inspection System (Standard Type) Vi-4202R is the high cost performance machine which inherited the system of Vi-4202 which is sold 200 or more sets in the world. From the conventional system, operability is improved and it has become a more user-friendly inspection machine.
    TOPCON TechnoHouse
  • NEO-690Z / NEO-890Z - X-ray Inspection System Off-line Microfocus X-ray Inspection System equipped with PONY ORIGINAL Direct Conversion X-ray Camera; SID-A50. Suitable for inspection of BGA, CSP, and LGA on PCB.
    Pony Industry Co
  • Platiscan VI - Visual Inspection System PlatiScan VI, has been developed to provide a very novel approach to Visual Inspection. The system was developed for the pcb assembly business but can be applied to many production industries.
    WG-Test GmbH
  • Vision Inspection Systems Development SofTest Designs Corporation has been developing Vision Inspection Systems for various industries for over 10 years. We have the capabilities to address your vision inspection needs. The professionals at SofTest Designs have a broad range of vision inspection experience. These experiences include but are not limited to the following industries: Automotive, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Injection Molding.
    SofTest Designs
  • 300 FA - Automated 300mm Wafer Inspection System The 300FA Automated Failure Analysis system integrates more applications with ergonomic ease of operation. A small footprint, high speed, low cost per feature and serviceability contribute to its award winning CoO.
  • 01-9900-03-01 BL - Brick Inspection System This Brick Inspection System (BIS) has been completely re-designed and is based on the latest Black Label Technology by ATMvision AG.
    ATMvision AG
  • X-Scope 6000 - X-Ray Inspection System The Xspection 6000 is a Digital fully programmable CNC controlled x-ray inspection system that allows operators to program inspection and measurement routines with point and click ease. 70° Camera Tilt for Oblique Extreme Angle 2.5 D Inspection. Incredible 1,000X System Magnification.
  • WAOI Master 3000 - Wafer Probe Mark Inspection System This system is optical inspection system which inspects the pad marking and ink marking of Wafer surface automatically. This inspection system is composed of the wafer cassette part, wafer loading/unloading part, high magnification vision align part, inspection control part and inspection vision part.
    Synapse Imaging Co
  • Certus - X-ray Inspection Systems, Small Package Certus XR is ideal for reliable, cost-effective x-ray inspection of small packaged products in non-washdown applications such as packaged frozen foods in paperboard cartons or baked goods in aluminum trays. It detects contaminants as small as 0.8 mm, including metal, stone, glass and bone

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