Inspection Systems

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  • FOCIS Flex - Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System Connector inspection is simple, fast, and convenient using AFL's FOCIS Flex. With one button, FOCIS Flex auto-focuses, captures, centers and displays the end-face image. It also applies pass/fail rules and can transfer the image and results to a paired FLX380 or OFL280 FlexTester OTDR via Bluetooth.
    ACA Conductor Accessories
  • 300 FA - Automated 300mm Wafer Inspection System The 300FA Automated Failure Analysis system integrates more applications with ergonomic ease of operation. A small footprint, high speed, low cost per feature and serviceability contribute to its award winning CoO.
  • NEO-690Z / NEO-890Z - X-ray Inspection System Off-line Microfocus X-ray Inspection System equipped with PONY ORIGINAL Direct Conversion X-ray Camera; SID-A50. Suitable for inspection of BGA, CSP, and LGA on PCB.
    Pony Industry Co
  • SPI HS60 - Solder Paste Inspection System The most reliable and accurate 3D data Our innovative 3D laser triangulation sensor, RSC profiles exactly real shape of features and also provides very robust 3D data against considerable variations of PCB color and finishing condition, solder material, paste shape, and warpage.
  • Surfscan SP2XP - Wafer Surface Inspection System The Surfscan SP2XPwafer surface inspection system is the unpatterned wafer inspection system best designed for all types of bare wafer substrates, including prime silicon wafers, epitaxial, SOI (silicon-on-insulator) and engineered substrates, to meet 45nm IC manufacturing requirements.
  • IS3000 - Dark Field Wafer Defect Inspection System Dark field wafer inspection system for 45 nm generation
    Effective for yield enhancement by the high sensitivity / high speed inspection capabilities. Superior cost effective inspection tool. DFC (Dark field real time classification)
    Recipe set up in minutes. Precise coordinate system for SEM review.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • 03-0001-02-05 - Cell front side inspection system FS print, color and SiNx coating thickness The ATM FS- print inspection system is a fast, non-contact technology and very small and easy to use system to detect defects in cells for solar production application.
    ATMvision AG
  • 26700-102-00 - Micro Zoom Video Inspection System w Standard Stand Micro Lens Zoom Lens with Fine Focus 0.7x to 4.5x with 1x coupler and a 0.5x objective lens Focus Mount with Coarse and Fine Focus Standard Stand with 10 threaded holes. Allows you to fixture your part if necessary. Size of base 279 x 330 mm (11"x 13") with Stainless Steel post 406.5mm (16") tall VGA 1.3M HD color camera with built in SD Card. Camera. For more information on the camera, Click Here Fiber Optic Illuminator 150 Watt with Ring Light This modular system can be upgraded to meet your magnification or high accuracy measurement requirements. Call us at 734-973-0099 for customization.
  • 26700-102-10 - Micro Zoom Video Inspection System on Boom Stand Micro Lens Zoom Lens with Fine Focus 0.7x to 4.5x with 1x coupler and a 0.5x objective lens E-Arm with focus control Double Arm Boom Stand with a heavy duty base (285 x 260mm), 380mm vertical post and a 225mm extension post and 570mm horizontal post. Allows for smooth travel over specimen being viewed
  • VideoMic 712XA - X-Ray Inspection and Measurement System The OPTEK InnerVision is the world's first x-ray coordinate measuring machine. It measures and reports the positions of internal features such as coupon pads on inner layers of multi-layer printed circuit boards, reinforcements and fastener inserts in composite structures,and other such encapsulated or laminated features.
    Operations Technology
  • VisionZ - HD Video Inspection System Utilize the power of HD digital imaging with the VisionZ video inspection systems. With magnification options up to 120x, VisionZ provides high contrast imaging, with ultimate simplicity for any task requiring precision magnification. High resolution HD 720p imaging. Range of zoom magnification options, up to 120x. Long working distance, up to 333mm.
    Vision Engineering
  • Vela Laminate - Inspection System The VELA laminate inspection system is designed as a final control of the complete laminates and is thus located after the laminator.
    Intego GmbH
  • WAOI Master 4000 - CMOS Wafer Inspection System This system is an optical inspection system which inspects the particles on the surface of CMOS Wafer, surface scratch defect, pad marking, ink marking or dead pixel automatically.
    Synapse Imaging Co
  • NS1500 Series - Disk Surface Inspection System Ideal for defect analysis in the surface of substrate and disks. The sophisticated classify defect can be detected by the develop and evaluation disk surface inspection system that measure at a same spindle by optical interference, laser irradiation of multi bearing and newly developed incline defect method.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • X-eye 5000BTS - X-ray Inspection System for PCBA/SMD and Electronic Components X-eye 5000BTS is a high-performance X-ray Inspection system for general non-destructive testing and failure analysis. With 90kV micro-focus closed tube equipped, X-eye 5000BTS provides high quality X-ray image with 5 micro focal spot size.
    SEC Co. Ltd
  • FyrEye-4000 - Family Circuit Board Inspection System Machine Vision System provides the benefits of reduced cost with 24/7 operation. Also reduces the instance of defective products slipping through human inspection.
    FSI Technologies
  • Vi-SW200C - Color Chip Defect Inspection System (Back-end Process) Vi-SW200C is installed new color inspection system, so it can use color information to do high sensitivity inspection. Vi-SW200C reach to human eye level and expand inspection item that are very difficult with monochrome machine like color change, color unevenness, film peeling and the abnormalities in film. Topcon’s new image processing algorithm improve inspection sensitivity for minute circuit pattern shift and line thickness change dramatically.
    TOPCON TechnoHouse
  • VPI-1000 Series - VPI-Optical Inspection Systems Operator-friendly equipment, with sophisticated plug and play software, the VPI-1000 Series Optical Inspection Systems get tighter, closer and lower than any other visual inspection system. Our BGA scopes also include measurement software that provides "live" measurements and can also capture images and video.
    EasyBraid Co
  • FPI - lab Flat Panel Inspection System Local Defect Detection with high resolution camera optics. Coating Thickness Measurement with dr. schwab´s own developed spectrometers.
    Dr.schwab Inspection
  • KY-7000 - 3D Component Inspection and Die Position Measurement System 3D Component Inspection and Die Position Measurement System
    Koh Young Technology
  • FyrEyeP 2700 - Wood Product Inspection Systems Instpects profiles of linear wood products, such as moldings, dimension lumber, flooring and tongue-and-groove products in low, medium and high speed linear product processes.
    FSI Technologies
  • GEN3000T - Chip Inspection System The system memorizes the characteristics of several good chips and creates a statistical image including process variations. By comparing the statistical image and the image of the item to be inspected, the algorithm helps to reduce false defects and enables automatic inspections as visual checks for accuracy. The defect inspection algorithm has a proven track record in our INSPECTRA, wafer defect inspection system.
    Toray Engineering
  • 07-9900-00-00 - Module Inspection System The Module Inspection System (MIS) is designed to inspect photovoltaic modules with lastest image processing technology. Inline or offline, manual or fully automated, module manufacturer won´t want to miss features like image processing with quality classification, barcode scanning and archival storage. The inline integration to the module production line and the fully automated loading and module transport functionality are options to increase the throughput significantly.
    ATMvision AG
  • GI4830 - LCD Glass Plate Inspection System An inspection equipment for 4th generation glass substrate.
    An original detection optics achieve high sensitivities. This equipment also features accurate front and back surface separate detection, a video monitor for particle review, and a high throughput for substrate.
    Hitachi High-Technologies

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