Inspection Systems

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  • GI4830 - LCD Glass Plate Inspection System An inspection equipment for 4th generation glass substrate.
    An original detection optics achieve high sensitivities. This equipment also features accurate front and back surface separate detection, a video monitor for particle review, and a high throughput for substrate.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • 7000E - AOI Inspection System ◇ Importing coordinates from the CAD file to facilitate AOI programming. ◇ Built-in component library, and off-line programming system ◇ Can be used both at pre-reflow and post-reflow station, and also can be used to inspect red-glue process. ◇ Locate multiple fiducial marks for clustered board panel, including Bad Mark function. The barcode reading function of the camera spares the cost of buying additional barcode reader.
    Jet Technology Co
  • SideChek / SideChek PLUS Series - X-ray Inspection System, Large Container The SideChek range of single beam x-ray systems are designed to meet the high speed and high coverage needs of the food processing and packaging industries. Dedicated x-ray systems for a wide range of container sizes Depending on the largest container size that will run on a production line either the 300 or 400 model of the SideChek x-ray system range can be selected. The x-ray beam geometry is fixed on these two models and any container that fits inside the fixed beam angle can be inspected.
  • ERSASCOPE 2 - Inspection System The ERSASCOPE 2 now uses megapixel, digital USB 2.0 camera technology offering up to 400 % more resolution! Enhanced images allow for increased clarity when zooming to higher magnifications, especially when using the revolutionary Flip Chip optical lens! Superior picture quality, increased light sensitivity and plug & play ease of use with USB 2.0 technology are the value added advantages. Finally, a new Metal Halide Light Source offers a brighter white light and a mechanical iris adapter for the additional gooseneck lighting with 2 standard fiber optic light brushes.
    Kurtz Ersa
  • X3310 - X-ray Inspection System, Small/Medium Packages Ideal for inspecting small and medium-packaged products, Safeline X-ray’s new X3310 x-ray system offers outstanding detection of dense foreign bodies, including metal, glass, mineral stone, bone and high-density plastic and rubber, as well as gross mass measurement for calculated portion control.
  • INSPECTRA" series - Wafer inspection system NSPECTRA series are wafer inspection systems with "High speed" and "High sensitivity". Our original "Die-to-Statistical-Image" comparison method achive the target defects detection controling process variation and overkill.
    Toray Engineering
  • GlassChek - X-ray Inspection System, Dual Beam The GlassChek x-ray inspection system is a dual beam x-ray system that detects foreign bodies like glass shards in glass jars and can simultaneously ensure product integrity for a wide range of glass containers. The variations in thickness and shape inherent in glass jars prove to be no problem for the GlassChek x-ray system.
  • Z-NIR - Near Infrared Inspection System The McBain Z-NIR Near Infrared Inspection System is best-in-class for wafer-to-wafer and die-to-die alignment measurement and verification. This unique tool has been sold into many industries with various applications including sub-surface wafer and die inspection for cracks and bond integrity, MEMS, wafer bonding, 3-D chip stacking, failure analysis, process development, tool verification, part characterization, environmental testing and more.
    McBain Systems
  • JewelBox 90T - X-ray Inspection System The Jewel Box 90-T delivers precision x-ray images of ultra-high resolution and grey scale accuracy without the aberrations of voltage blooming and pincushioning prevalent in other systems. Glenbrook?s patented, award-winning MXRA® x-ray camera technology.
    Glenbrook Technologies
  • NS7000 Series - Disk Surface Inspection System Ideal for defect analysis in the surface of substrate and disks. A high-precision surface inspection system for substrate and disk featuring a sophisticated defect classification function by laser irradiation of multi dearing and newly developed incline defect method.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • IP-2200 - Inspection Pro Visual Inspection System Automatic appearance inspection systems are evolving in response to ever-evolving mounted PCBs. However, there is little major change in visual inspection process. Rather, it eseems that burden on visual inspection work is ever-increasing due to the miniaturizaiton of mounted components.
    WIT Co. Ltd
  • AFIS jr - Automated Repeatable Fiberoptic Inspection System The AFIS jr is a machine vision fiberoptic connector analysis system that will detect fiber defects such as scratches, pits, and epoxy rings.
    Nanometer Technologies
  • Vi-SW200C - Color Chip Defect Inspection System (Back-end Process) Vi-SW200C is installed new color inspection system, so it can use color information to do high sensitivity inspection. Vi-SW200C reach to human eye level and expand inspection item that are very difficult with monochrome machine like color change, color unevenness, film peeling and the abnormalities in film. Topcon’s new image processing algorithm improve inspection sensitivity for minute circuit pattern shift and line thickness change dramatically.
    TOPCON TechnoHouse
  • X2 2D X-Ray - Automated In-line X-Ray Inspection System Nordson YESTECH's versatile X2 Automated 2D X-Ray Inspection System (AXI) offers complete inspection of solder joints and other critical hidden features found in electronic assemblies, PCB's and packaged semiconductors. Ideal for in-line or off-line operation, the X2's proven algorithms enable fast and reliable automated inspection and real-time monitoring of critical process information.
  • SMX-1000/1000L - Microfocus X-Ray Inspection System Compact, easy-to-operate, high-functionality X-ray inspection system. Both the SMX-1000 and SMX-1000L provide high-magnification nondestructive fluoroscopic examinations of junction conditions (disconnect, contact) of ultra-micro parts on high-density PCBs, BGAs, CSPs, or system LSIs.
  • InVision - Inline Orbotech's Inline Inspection Systems Automated Optical inspection is an integral part of today?s rigorous quality and process control procedures. Orbotech's InVision? series of systems provide the ultimate automated solution for high-speed FPD inspection.
    Orbotech Ltd
  • Traqu - 3D Tomographic Inspection System Its “parallel Optical Coherence Tomography” gives the Traqu an edge in terms of measurement speed and precision on almost any surfaces. • Accuracy of a nanometer •Scan area up to 300 x 400mm.
    Essemtec AG
  • aspire2 - 3D Solder Paste Inspection System aSPIre 2 is the only 3D SPI system that Provides a complete solution to the common bottlenecks that hinder conventional inspection systems. Koh Young’s innovative technology provides true, accurate 3D inspection data by solving a number of critical problems that can result in inaccurate and unreliable inspection. Koh Young’s patented 3D measurement and inspection technology in the aSPIre 2 delivers the fastest, the most reliable inspection result.
    Koh Young Technology
  • TFT-LCD Edge Inspection System This system is a inspection system to improve the productivity of line by detecting the critical errors of materials on the corner and adjunct surface in its early stage. It is possible to monitor the quality panel form by measuring and inspecting the items of dimension, burr, broken, and chipping as well as to prevent it from continuous and highly volume of defects.
    Synapse Imaging Co
  • SPI 2500 - Solder Paste Inspection System The SPI 2500 is the next generation of off-line solder paste inspection system and features cost effective solution with the best accuracy. To do analysis and monitoring role for solder paste printing process, the SPI 2500 embeds lots of useful tools and various measuring modes, those are auto and manual measuring modes. The machine?s scanning capability backed by precise laser sheet beam and scanning stage brings users the real 3 dimensional shape of a feature.
  • ChemetriQ 3000 Series - Inspection System Production inspection for High-Volume Advanced Fabs to Rapidly Detect and Map Non-Visual Defect Contamination. Sub-atomic Layer Sensitivity to Wafer Surface Chemistry Variation and Contamination. Non-contact, Non-destructive Inspection. Rapid High Resolution Whole-wafer Mapping and Imaging.
    Qcept Technologies
  • X-eye 5000BTS - X-ray Inspection System for PCBA/SMD and Electronic Components X-eye 5000BTS is a high-performance X-ray Inspection system for general non-destructive testing and failure analysis. With 90kV micro-focus closed tube equipped, X-eye 5000BTS provides high quality X-ray image with 5 micro focal spot size.
    SEC Co. Ltd
  • VPI-1000 Series - VPI-Optical Inspection Systems Operator-friendly equipment, with sophisticated plug and play software, the VPI-1000 Series Optical Inspection Systems get tighter, closer and lower than any other visual inspection system. Our BGA scopes also include measurement software that provides "live" measurements and can also capture images and video.
    EasyBraid Co
  • nSpec - Wafer Inspection System nSPEC® can image and analyze substrate and epi wafers as well as patterned and diced wafers and even individual devices. The system has multiple magnifications to fully characterize defect frequency and type and offers complete rapid scanning and mosaicing of wafers. Users can easily define reports and statistical functions.
    Nanotronics Imaging

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