Inspection Systems

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  • Surfscan SP2XP - Wafer Surface Inspection System The Surfscan SP2XPwafer surface inspection system is the unpatterned wafer inspection system best designed for all types of bare wafer substrates, including prime silicon wafers, epitaxial, SOI (silicon-on-insulator) and engineered substrates, to meet 45nm IC manufacturing requirements.
  • AITTFH - In-Line Pattern Wafer Defect Inspection System offers exceptional sensitivity and throughput needed by today's advanced thin film head manufacturing fabs for a broad range of patterned wafer tool monitoring applications, including deposition, CMP, critical etch, and photo modules.
  • VERTEX II - X-ray Inspection System Next Generation Affordable X-ray Inspection
    VJ Electronix leads the way in providing robust and
    practical X-ray solutions to solve real production
    issues. Innovation and simplicity govern system
    design to maximize ease-of-use with programmed
    inspection and a simple 1–2–Go! user interface.
    VJ Electronix
  • 06-9900-00-00 - Layup- String Inspection System Up to 10 sec/string - mono and multi 2D, 3D, IR und Sensor Technology Including statistics, DB and communication with Ethernet Master PC Remote control Tested and calibrated
    ATMvision AG
  • 26700-103-00 - Macro Zoom Video Inspection System with Standard Stand 6X Macro Zoom Lens Focus Mount with Coarse and Fine Focus Standard Stand with 10 threaded holes. Allows you to fixture your part if necessary. Size of base 279 x 330 mm (11"x 13") with stainless steel post 406.5mm (16") tall
  • phoenix pcba|inspector - 2D Microfocus X-ray Inspection System The phoenix pcba|inspector is a high-resolution 2D microfocus X-ray inspection system designed for inspecting solder joints (e.g. BGA, QFN, QFP, PTH, CSP, Flip Chip) in board assemblies, but also for inspection of electronic and mechanic components and more.
    GE Measurement &
  • BF-10Z - Automated Optical Inspection System The new BF-10Z Automated Optical Inspection System employs SAKI’s unique Line Scan Technology for inspecting PCB panels up to 686 x 870 mm (27.01” x 34.25”) – a 40% increase in scanning area over SAKI’s previous XXL model. The BF-10Z is ideal for manufacturers building oversized products like communication base stations, server & storage assemblies and LED back panels
  • dimensionCONTROL 8260 - Silicon Ingot Inspection System The “dimensionCONTROL 8260 for Ingot” measuring system inspects the surface of the bricks using several laser line scanners and in doing so measures the side lengths, phase lengths, angles, diagonal surfaces and the planarity of the side surfaces completely automatically. Ingot lengths up to 2500 mm
    Micro-Epsilon Group
  • FyrEyeP 2700 - Wood Product Inspection Systems Instpects profiles of linear wood products, such as moldings, dimension lumber, flooring and tongue-and-groove products in low, medium and high speed linear product processes.
    FSI Technologies
  • LS-6700 - Bare Wafer Inspection System High sensitivity (50nm:Bare). High accuracy for COP/CMP discrimination (85%). High throughput (80 wph @300mm).
    High positioning accuracy (+/-30µm). Wafer Size 300mm / 200mm.
    Hitachi High-Technologies
  • PW-5000 / MINI - Power Supply Automatic Inspection System PW-5000/MINI is a small sized power supply inspection system. The operation of the software is compatible to that of PW-600E Automatic Inspection System so existing customers can use this system smoothly.
    Keisoku Giken Co
  • FyrEyeP 3600 - Tablet, Capsule, and Pill Inspection Systems Inspects tablets, capsules and pills. Designed for high-speed, continuous linear production process.
    FSI Technologies
  • Model 3710-HS - Solar Wafer Inspection System Integrated with 2D Geometry, Surface, Micro Crack, Saw mark inspection system and Resistively & Thickness, Lifetime tester by customer defined, Chroma 3710HS is a fully user configuration wafer sorter system with very low breakage rate and high through put.
    Chroma ATE
  • 01-9900-03-01 BL - Brick Inspection System This Brick Inspection System (BIS) has been completely re-designed and is based on the latest Black Label Technology by ATMvision AG.
    ATMvision AG
  • ULTRAPROBE 100 - Analog Ultrasonic Inspection System The Ultraprobe senses high frequency sounds produced by operating equipment, leaks and electrical discharges. It electronically translates these signals by heterodyning them down into the audible range so that a user can hear these sounds through a headset and see them as intensity increments on the meter. Heterodyning works the same as a radio in that it accurately transforms the sounds so that they are easily recognized and understood.
    UE Systems
  • SideChek / SideChek PLUS Series - X-ray Inspection System, Large Container The SideChek range of single beam x-ray systems are designed to meet the high speed and high coverage needs of the food processing and packaging industries. Dedicated x-ray systems for a wide range of container sizes Depending on the largest container size that will run on a production line either the 300 or 400 model of the SideChek x-ray system range can be selected. The x-ray beam geometry is fixed on these two models and any container that fits inside the fixed beam angle can be inspected.
  • 03-0001-02-01 - Cell front side inspection system FS- print The ATM FS- print inspection system is a fast, non-contact technology and very small and easy to use system to detect defects in cells for solar production application.
    ATMvision AG
  • Candela CS20 - High Brightness LED Automated Wafer Inspection System The Candela CS20 is the first automated wafer inspection system designed to address the defect management requirements of the rapidly growing high-brightness light-emitting diode (HB-LED) market. Leveraging a proprietary, multi-channel detection architecture, the CS20 can inspect transparent wafers and epi layers for micro-pits and other defects non-destructively at throughputs of up to 25 wafers per hour--enabling, for the first time, a true production line monitor for wafers used to produce HB-LED devices.
  • ScanINSPECT BPI - Inspection System ScanINSPECT provides a simple and user-friendly alternative to inaccurate and time-consuming manual inspection methods or expensive high-end AOI systems. ScanINSPECT uses a simple Windows user interface integrated with an image-processing unit. This combination allows 100% inspection of ball or bump placement on a wide variety of substrates and device types.
    ScanCAD International
  • JewelBox 70T - Real-time X-ray Inspection System The Jewel Box 70-T delivers superior image quality with excellent resolution and sensitivity for laboratory and failure analysis applications. The system?s high-resolution MXRA® x-ray camera and 10-micron MicroTech? x-ray source provide magnification from 7X to 2000X, with resolution of 100 line pairs/mm.
    Glenbrook Technologies
  • BF-TristarII - Inspection System BF-Tristar II is the automated optical inspection system which inspects both sides of double-sided PCBs at once. At the same time, this system achieves the same inspection speed with single side inspections. It is equipped with two cameras for scanning each side of a PCB and has the Saki’s unique alternate scanning system. It also has 30 mm clearance on both sides. BF-Tristar II is suitable for inspections on the final process after the component assembly. With 10 µm resolution, BF-Tristar II provides accurate and stable inspection of 01005 (0402) chips. Newly developed color capturing system takes only 8 seconds to scan M-size boards.
  • Z-NIR - Near Infrared Inspection System The McBain Z-NIR Near Infrared Inspection System is best-in-class for wafer-to-wafer and die-to-die alignment measurement and verification. This unique tool has been sold into many industries with various applications including sub-surface wafer and die inspection for cracks and bond integrity, MEMS, wafer bonding, 3-D chip stacking, failure analysis, process development, tool verification, part characterization, environmental testing and more.
    McBain Systems
  • US-1179 - Tie Bolt Inspection System The Tie Bolt Inspection System US-1779 employs eddy current technology for nondestructive testing of tie bolts used in aircraft wheels. Now in use by commercial and military aircraft. The system can test the threads as well as the underside of the bolt head. The system includes the UniWest's US-454A eddy current instrument, the UniWest Tie Bolt Scanner (US-1779), and specialty probe US-1839. The specialty probe detects flaws in both steel and inconel bolts.
  • X2 2D X-Ray - Automated In-line X-Ray Inspection System Nordson YESTECH's versatile X2 Automated 2D X-Ray Inspection System (AXI) offers complete inspection of solder joints and other critical hidden features found in electronic assemblies, PCB's and packaged semiconductors. Ideal for in-line or off-line operation, the X2's proven algorithms enable fast and reliable automated inspection and real-time monitoring of critical process information.

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