Ground Continuity - aka Earth Continuity

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  • TR-7 - SAFE-T-GROUND - Ground Continuity Monitor / Control Model TR-7 Safe-T-Ground provides continuous monitoring of a truck's ground connection throughout loading operations. Static electricity is often brought in by tank trucks entering the loading area. The Safe-T-Ground Model TR-7 instantly stops loading operations if a tank truck loses its ground.
    Dwyer Instruments
  • MODEL M25 - Ground Continuity Test Instrument Performs ground continuity tests in full compliance with BSI, VDE and IEC. Measures AC resistance from Chassis of Device Under Test (DUT) to power-cord ground lead - 0 to 0.15 ohm
    Rod-L Electronics
  • ZSGCT - Ground / Earth Continuity Tester Trip, Test On, Test Off Output test current through high current wire and Earth pin of 3 pin socket.
    ZEAL Services
  • 4022 - Earth Continuity Tester The 4022B is used to assess the continuity of connections within an earthing system. The integrity of buried conductors and connectors is difficulty to determine. In small systems, a periodic resistance check will highlight any breakages. In larger systems, a D.C. continuity check is likely to be of use.
    Red Phase Instruments
  • 50541 - Ground/Neutral Continuity Tester The Model 50541 is designed to measure the continuity of the equipment grounding conductor and neutral conductor from the portable generator frame to the proper point on every receptacle mounted on or serviced by the generator.
    Sotcher Measurement
  • ISO410 - Meter for Insulation test and Continuity of earth conductor test ISO410 is an innovative meter designed to perform Insulation measurement up to 1000VDC and Continuity of earth conductor with 200mA on electrical installations in compliance to recently standards (VDE0100, BS7671 etc..).
    HT Italia Srl
  • SE-502 - Ground-Fault Ground-Continuity Detector The SE-502 Ground-Fault Ground-Continuity Detector provides Class-A GFCI trip level and trip times for personnel protection. As little as 5 mA of ground-fault current can be detected, and the internal neutral-grounding resistor limits the maximum ground-fault current to 100 mA.
  • DT-9052 - Earth and Continuity Tester Principle of measurement by “fault loop” for installations with neutral as per diagram indication Earth loop measurement current less than the drop-out threshold of the 30mA circuit breakers Measurement of the earth resistance by 3 1/2 digit display from 0 to 1999Ω (resolution 1Ω measurement updated every 1.5s)
    Shenzhen Everbest
  • TOS6210 - Earth Continuity Tester Supporting While inheriting the basic performance and functions of its predecessor (TOS6200), such as a constant current driving system that provides current waveforms with little skew and high measurement accuracy, the TOS6210 tester extends the maximum test current from 30 A to 60 A, which is demanded by the new standard.
    Kikusui Electronics
  • ISOTEST M70 - Hand held meter for Insulation and Continuity of earth conductors measurements ISOTEST M70 model is a innovative hand held meter designed to perform insulation resistance measurements with test voltage up to 1000VDC and continuity test measurements of earth conductors with 200mA test current, in compliance to VDE 0100 requirements, on civil and industrial electrical environments.
    HT Italia Srl
  • HTDT-10A - Ground Continuity Tester The electrical integrity of earthing device is the electrical connectivity among all kinds of electrical devices that should be grounded or the electrical connectivity between ground equipment all parts and devices, it is DC resistance value; it is also known as electrical conductivity. Ground down lead and earth mat of electrical equipment reliable and effective connection is the fundamental guarantee of instrument safety operation. Ground down lead is the connection part of electrical equipment and earth mat. In the long-term running, the connection part may be rusty even ruptured due to moisture and other factors, which will cause the resistance increases which at connection point of ground down lead and the main earth mat, and thus cannot meet the requirements of electrical power regulations and standard. It also cause the instrument hides danger in work, seriously even cause the instrument run in lost ground status. Underground ground electrode and its connection parts may rusty, and even ruptured. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly do the electrical integrity test of grounding devices.
    Wuhan Huatian Electric
  • TOS6200 - Earth Continuity Tester The TOS6200 tester is designed to perform the earth continuity tests required for class-I devices by safety standards such as IEC, EN, VDE, BS, UL, JIS, and the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Low (Japan).
    Kikusui Electronics
  • M25, 30, 35 - Ground Continuity Tester - 25, 30, 35 AMP Production / Quality Assurance Testing - Performs ground continuity tests in full compliance with BSI, VDE and IEC. Measures ground continuity from ground to the power cord ground pin of the DUT. Interface enables interconnection to any ROD-L Hipot & Leakage testers to form a complete automatic test system.
    Rod-L Electronics
  • GF-30AC - High Current Ground Continuity Tester The GF-30AC is a production line workhorse. This unit delivers a constant AC current while checking impedence. This unit protects product under test as internal current limiting prevents over-current excursions. Test results indicated by red and green LED's, audible buzzer on failure V=IRtual voltage sense circuit compensates for any resistance in both the test leads and AC power cord.
    Compliance West USA
  • P/N 1756 - Circuit Tester and Tool Ground Continuity Tester Receptacle-circuit testers have three neon indicating lights that provide a convenient way to test three-wire, 115VAC, single-phase and polarized outlets. This tester also checks for correct wiring, reverse polarity, open-ground, open-neutral, open-hot, hot-and-ground-reversed and hot-on-neutral/hot-unwired. Additionally, receptacle-circuit testers are U.L.-rated.
    Woodhead Molex
  • HTT-1 - Hipot and Ground Continuity Function Checker The HTT-1 was designed to provide a fast, safe and reliable way to verify proper operation of Dielectric Withstand (hipot) and Ground Continuity Testers between calibration cycles. It allows the operator to check the result of the three failure modes encountered in production hipot and ground circuit testing.
    Compliance West USA
  • 4000 Series - Multi-Function Electrical Safety Tester The 4000 Series provides advanced 4-in-1 test capability in a convenient one-box solution. Our most popular multi-function tester, the 4000 Series performs AC Hipot (500 VA), DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond / Ground Continuity tests while taking up minimal production line space. The 4000 Series includes the most intuitive menu system in the industry, reducing setup time and increasing production line throughput for any application. With multiple memories and an optional RS-232 interface, you can quickly perform tests on a variety of DUT’s from the front panel or with a PC.
    Slaughter Company
  • MFT5010 - Multi-function Tester It can be used to test insulation resistance, continuity, loop impedance and RCCB, earth resistance tester, five major test requirement in the electrical testing industry. Phase indicator. Can check a wide range of 3-Phase Power source from 110V to 600V
  • PCT60 - 13 IN 1 Audio Cable Tester 13-in-1 cable tester that quickly delivers accurate continuity information about many different kinds of cables. LEDs on the unit confirm each conductor’s continuity and connection. Also includes ground connection status check so you know the tester is accurate. Tests ¼” (TRS), 1/8” (3.5mm), XLR (3-pin and 5-pin), Speakon (4-pin and 8-pin), RCA, TT, Bantam, RJ45, USB-A, USB-B, DIN (3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin, 7-pin, or 8-pin).
    Pyle Audio
  • Clare B433R - Earth Bond Tester The B433R is a cost effective, simple to use, rugged, earth bond test system suited to manufacturing or laboratory environments. This earth / ground bond tester can deliver a test current of 25A through a resistance/impedance of 0.1½ from a low voltage a.c. source. This earth/ ground bond tester meets the general requirements of the majority of international test standards that relate to system earth continuity or ground bonding measurement.
  • 1630 - Earth Ground Clamp Meter The clamp-on ground testing technique used by the Fluke 1630 simplifies ground loop testing and enables non-intrusive leakage current measurement. The compact and rugged design makes the Fluke 1630 easy to use in small places and harsh environments, while the "display hold" and the continuity testing with an audible alarm function ensures convenience in use. The novel technique means that earth ground loop testing and continuity testing can be completed without breaking the circuit.
  • ML11 - Test Loads Each test load provides two test operations for verifying functionality of a Hipot Tester and Ground Continuity Tester. Provides two ground continuity tests (open and short) at up to 35 amperes maximum
    Rod-L Electronics
  • ML12 - Test Loads Each test load provides two test operations for verifying functionality of a Hipot Tester and Ground Continuity Tester. Provides two ground continuity tests (open and short) at up to 35 amperes maximum
    Rod-L Electronics
  • CMG30 - ELECTRICAL SAFETY TESTER This instrument is made for ground continuity resistance measurements (also called ground bond testing, bonding test), which is the first of the 4 tests required by the Electrical Safety Testing std.

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Ground Continuity - Verifies ground is present.