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  • Listen32 - Data Link Monitor Listen32 is a 32-bit version of Listen which includes all the above features plus the ability to launch and monitor communications from separate Win32 processes without being physically connected to the serial cable. It operates much like the Socket Spy applications, hooking the communications API within Windows by launching a target application using the Win32 Debugger API.
    WinTECH Software
  • SA Bits HDLC Decode /Store - E1 Maintenance Data Link Analysis The SA HDLC Analyzer performs HDLC protocol analysis on E1 timeslot 0 both during real time and off-line using saved files with high level data link (HDLC) frames. The real-time mode of operation is used to capture stream of HDLC frames on the selected even or odd frames of the E1 multiframe on timeslot 0. Captured information can be saved to disk for later off-line analysis. Both real-time and off-line analysis presents summary view and detailed views of HDLC decode information. Captured Frames can later be used for traffic simulation using the SA Bits HDLC transmit application.
    GL Communications
  • Model 650 - Data LInk Analyzer The GDP Model 650 Data Link Analyzer fills the need for high
    performance link verification and qualification at an affordable price. The user is provided with totally independent transmit and receive functions to allow rapid fault isolation and data link characterization. The ability to add in noise and baseline offsets and to adjust signal levels, allows the user to simulate field perturbations in the test lab.
    GDP Space Systems
  • AL6300 - Data Link Test Set The AL6300 Data Transmission Test Set is a modular device that is designed to support the performance of bit error rate testing (BERT) on data links and devices such as PCM bit synchronizers and modems. Having been designed as a totally modular device based upon Apogee Labs multiplexer product line, the AL6300 supports the inclusion of several Data Link Test modules (typically up to 6) as well as our full line of AL4300 multiplex, demultiplex and data link modules
    Apogee Labs
  • AL6500 - Data Link Test Instrument The AL6500 Data Link Test Instrument (DLTI) continues, in the tradition of our previous Apogee Labs data link test equipment, to provide exceptional flexibility, versatility and reliability. All features of our earlier Data Link Test Sets are continued in the AL6500 with the addition of one-way data link path delay measurement and interchangeable signal and protocol interfaces.
    Apogee Labs
  • Data Link Simulator II Simulates communications facilities. 78 data rates from 1,200 to 50M bps. Inserts delays up to 1.999 second in each direction. Inserts errors and timing slips in each direction. Supports T-1, E-1, RS232, V.35, RS422/RS530, X.21, HSSI, T-3 and E-3. Context-sensitive help screens
  • AL6301-LCD - Data Link Test Set Updated version of the Model AL6300 with hex-numeric keypad and Ethernet remote control.
    Apogee Labs
  • Listen - A Serial Data Link Monitor for Windows Listen is a Data Link monitor designed to assist debugging & troubleshooting serial communications links. Listen utilizes standard Windows COM port drivers to tap into RS-232 transmit signals for monitoring bi-directional communications between two devices.
    WinTECH Software
  • AL6301 - DATA LINK TEST SET The AL6300 Data Link Test Set is used by communication and telemetry engineers to test communication links and system components such as bit synchronizers, modems and digital multiplexers. Besides the standard PRN data patterns, it also offers the user the ability to test complete systems from the receiver output or the data source to the digital processor in a ground station using simulated PCM data
    Apogee Labs
  • Facility Data Link Software GL's Facility Data Link Analyzer performs FDL decode and analysis on T1 channels in both real time and off-line using saved files with high level data link (HDLC) frames and bit-patterned extended super frame (ESF) data link messages. The real-time mode of operation is used to capture streams of HDLC frames on the selected cards and also embedded bit-patterned ESF data link messages.
    GL Communications
  • Mr. BOB DLC - OBD II Data Link Connector Breakout Box & Diagnostics Software Mr. BOB DLC OBD II Data Link Connector Breakout Box & Diagnostics Software for Network Waveform Viewing. This OBD2 breakout box with 8 Graphing Meter Scope like channels, is designed for the OBD2 DLC data link connector. Includes OBD II protocols such as PWM, ISO, KWP2000, 9151, J1850, VPW and CAN.
    Automotive Diagnostics
  • PA1576 - Data/Link ID and Cable-Check Cable mapping function tests data & phone connection schemes including patch cords and installed cables. Identifies cross-over telephone connections. Detects PC (NIC) & HUB data transmissions and PC (NIC) &HUB NLP or FLP link pulse. Identify data & link transmission speeds with real time detection: 100/10 MB. Automatically scans with choice of slow or fast speeds. Low battery detection on LAN ID tester. Includes 9V battery, 2 RJ45 patch cords and durable nylon carrying case with belt loop
    Greenlee Communications
  • 1x9 - Transceivers Eoptolink 1x9 optical transceiver is designed for use in 0~2.67Gbps data links.
    Eoptolink Technology
  • GT310 - WIRELESS DATA LOGGING MULTIMETER WITH DUAL 7-SEGMENT LCD PLUS NCV/NCC Ideal for making electrical measurements safely from a distance using patented wireless data-link communication protocol
    General Tools & Instruments
  • Model 630 - SGLS Test Set The model 630 is an assemblage
    of functional elements that are
    configured to assist the design
    and production engineer in
    testing data links. The model 630 provides signaling interfaces
    that allow testing using serial pseudo-random data on a
    standard PCM data link or SGLS Command Link.
    GDP Space Systems
  • FTLF1523P1xTL - OC-3 LR-2/STM L-1.2 RoHS Compliant SFP 155 Mb/s bi-directional data links. Hot-pluggable SFP footprint.
  • RF BMLA+ - Link Analyzers Hollis Electronics Company (HEC) BMLA+ is a unique product that provides telecommunications equipment operators the ability to continuously monitor their IF and RF data links for equalization performance without taking the link off-line.
    Hollis Electronics
  • MITE - Mobile Integration and Test Environment Tester Ensure peak performance with the Rockwell Collins transportable, configurable data link simulation and testing vehicle, Mobile Integration and Test Environment (MITE). MITE was designed and developed for exercising Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) terminals and host equipment. It provides an independent means to test and evaluate the platform/user Link 16 data link implementation during development, integration, testing and deployment.
    Rockwell Collins
  • 5435/5436/5437 - Automatic Transformer Tester Easily programmed, de-skills testing, reduces labor costs Speeds testing, increases productivity Operator just loads and removes transformers Precise accurate and reliable results Online statistic, RS-232, GPIB data link Secure, tamper-proof programs
  • Pocket DDL - Sensors & Capabilities The Pocket DDL™ video receiver provides the flexibility and freedom to receive video and data anywhere within the Digital Data Link™ (DDL™) network utilizing any USB display device for a wide range of military and commercial applications.
  • File based Record/Playback over FDL The File based Record/Playback over FDL (FdlFunc) module is an optional application that allows to receive and transmit HDLC frames and signals in *.hdl file format over facility data link (FDL).
    GL Communications
  • SFP Copper Sopto provides high performance, cost effective compact RJ-45 connector SFP Copper transceivers made according to IEEE 802.3-2002 and IEEE 802.3ab standards and compliant with the Gigabit Ethernet and 10/100/1000BASE-T standards. The SFP copper reaches 100 meters over unshielded twisted-pair category 5 cables. The copper module supports full duplex data-links with 5-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) signals.
  • 702314-01 - Dual Channel PCI Express AFDX Test Access Port Two feed-through Ethernet interfaces with twisted pair transceivers Deterministic delay in active buffering mode Advanced filtering mechanisms to reduce bandwidth Highly accurate time-stamping of all monitored packets Link interruption on physical and data link layer
    TechSAT GmbH
  • HTA4200 - Hygro-Thermometer Anemometer with Datalogger Data Acquisition for up to 1000 triple measurements (Humidity, Temperature, and Air Flow) with manual save. Very high accuracy. Display switch able in F or C for temperature and FPM or MPS for airflow. Memory circuit for Maximum, Minimum, and Average. Display of calculated Dew point in F or C. Serial output through standard RS232C Data Link. Three Separate analog outputs. User friendly keypad for easy operation?
    Pacer Instruments

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