Current Transformer Test - aka CT Test

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  • W Series - Automatic Current and Potential Transformer Test Set For accuracy testing of instrument transformers. Current comparator principle matches different ratios of test object and standard transformer in a wide range display of the results in all accepted dimensions fully automatic remote control and data transfer via built-in RS232 interface 
  • HYVA-401 - CT Tester HYVA-401A is a special instrument for testing characteristic of CT; The tester can finish CT transformation ratio test, CT polarity test, volt-ampere feature curve drawing and CT error drawing. It has large output, high precision, stable performance and automatic testing.
    Wuhan Huaying Electric
  • HEY-H - Intelligent CT PT Tester This equipment used to test the error, impedance and impedance admittance measurements tests, meets《voltage transformer testing instruction》and JJG314-94《voltage transformer testing instruction》.
    Wuhan Huatian Electric
  • LCRTZ-S8 - Digital TURNS - LCRTZ Meter & Computerized Test System Ideal for automatic and fool proof testing of Toroidal coils, Energy meter CT's and Bobbins and Ratio Tester for any transformers in built with 8 Pin Scanner for Automatic testing of multi winding transformers.
    Vasavi Electronics
  • GDVA-401 - CT PT Test Set GDVA-401 is a special instrument for testing characteristic of CT; The tester can finish CT transformation ratio test, CT polarity test, volt-ampere feature curve drawing and CT error drawing. It has large output, high precision, stable performance and automatic testing.
    Chongqing Gold Mechanical
  • GDVA-402 CT/PT - CT PT Test Set GDVA-402 is a special instrument for testing characteristic of CT and PT .The tester can finish CT/PT transformation ratio test, CT/PT polarity test, volt-ampere feature curve drawing and CT error drawing. It has large output, high precision,stable performance and automatic testing.
    Chongqing Gold Mechanical
  • HTFA-IV CT - Current Transformer Analyzer HIFA-IV CT Tester is full-automatic equipment for testing CT characteristics. It can do the tests as below: CT voltage characteristics test, CT polarity test and CT polarity and ratio test. The device can automatically calculate error curve of any point of CT, CT ratio, etc.
    Wuhan Huatian Electric
  • WE-20 - Portable Three-Phase Tester/Analyzer WECO's next generation Portable Tester/Analyzer allows you to implement three-phase field-testing, using a Radian Research™ RD-30 internal standard complimented by a sophisticated, lightweight package. The WE-20 allows you to execute a multitude of tests at the customer's site. You can test the meter with the customer's load, perform CT burden and ratio tests, and verify system wiring to give you the peace-of-mind that the entire metering installation is correct.
    Watthour Engineering
  • DTR 8510 - Motor / Transformer Testers The DTR® Model 8510 is a portable digital transformer ratiometer designed for on-site testing of power, potential and current transformers. When connected to a non-energized transformer, the DTR® Model 8510 accurately measures primary to secondary turns ratio, while simultaneously displaying polarity and excitation current. The DTR® is fully automatic and uses an ANSI/IEEE compliant test method.
    AEMC Instruments
  • HYBC-901 - Transformer turn ratio tester Test functions
    1. The voltage ratio measurement of three or singe phase transformer
    2. The group vector measurement of three phase transformer.
    3. The polarity measurement of single phase transformer or CT/PT
    (CT that knee-point voltage should be more than 80V)
    4. Voltage ratio error calculation
    5. Voltage ratio range calculation of three phase transformer
    6. Current transformer ratio measurement
    7. Excitation current measurement in ratio testing
    8. Reproduction the AC test voltage from power source to reduce the effects of bad power source
    9. Save the test results in the memory internal the tester
    10. Print the test results by micro printer
    11. Reverse connection detect unit to prevent the high voltage injected to the operate
    12. Over current protection in test voltage
    13. Upload the test results to make word report by RS232 interface
    Wuhan Huaying Electric
  • CTPT 81 - Instrument Transformer Calibrators Tests: Ratio error. Excitation current and curve. Polarity CT / PT TESTER
    Udeyraj Electricals
  • HYVA-402 - CT PT Tester HYVA-402 can finish: CT/PT volt-ampere characteristic curve test, CT/PT Polarity test, CT/PT Transformation ratio test, automatically calculate error curve of any CT point.
    Wuhan Huaying Electric
  • HTCT-201 - HV CT Ratio Tester HTCT-201 CT ratio tester can test the HV primary current, LV secondary circuit of the HV measuring equipments (35 KV or less than 35 KV system) without disassembling the wire or power off, and calculate the ratio.
    Wuhan Huatian Electric
  • CTC780B - Current/Voltage Transformer Analyzer CTC780B current transformer tester used to measure CT and PT excitation, ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, CT secondary circuit burden and so on testing work.
    Shijiazhuang Handy
  • T 3000 - Substation Maintenance and Commissioning Test Equipment This primary current injection testing system is designed to perform primary tests requested in substations commissioning. It allows to perform different tests and measurements on current transformers, voltage transformers, power transformers, protection relays, energy meters and transducers.
    ISA Srl
  • CT/PT Ratio Tester The CT/PT Ratio Tester is designed to carry out routine accuracy and linearity tests on the LIF CT, isolating CT and single phase voltage measuring transformer used in control cubicles of traction and auxiliary converter. The system consists of a variable voltage, programmable sine wave generator with very low harmonic distortion for generating an excitation signal for the CT/PT under test.
    Crest Technology
  • GDVA-403 - CT PT Test Set GDVA-403 CT analyzer is special tester for current transformer. It takes IPC as core to sample and data process. The instrument finishes CT tests based on different low frequency. It has 8.4 inches LCD to display and a 8.4 inches touch pad for operation. The tester has the characteristic of high precision, strong anti-jamming and easy operation.
    Chongqing Gold Mechanical
  • Transformer Testing CT-PT Test Bench Fully automatically tests CT and PT, with auto test range with accuracy upto 0.02% With electronic Current & voltage load box, can set output power and power factor at random. Adopts 10kVA computer controlled linear power source, so solves inaccurate orientation problem of S-class CT test, meanwhile can test error of CT at 200%.
    Intrax Systems Pvt
  • 5 SERIES - Three Phase Analyzer The innovative design allows utilities to fully test a metering installation with one piece of equipment. Customer load meter testing, phantom load meter testing, CT burden and ratio testing along with de-magnetization can be performed with one solution. In addition, vector diagrams, voltage and current waveforms, and harmonics data up to the 100th harmonic can all be analyzed to complete a true wiring verification.
    TEC Powermetrix Division
  • Mobile Instrument Transformer Test System Testing of current and voltage transformers in middle-voltage, high-voltage and extra-high voltage grids. Accuracy test, polarity check and demagnetisation.
    ZERA GmbH
  • HTFA-V - Current Transformer & Potential Transformer Analyzer HIFA-V is full-automatic equipment for testing CT and PT characteristics. It can do below tests: CT volt-ampere characteristic test, PT volt-ampere characteristic test ,CT polarity test, PT polarity test , CT polarity & ratio test and PT polarity & ratio test. The device can automatically calculate the error curve of any point of CT, CT /PT ratio, etc.
    Wuhan Huatian Electric
  • GDBC-901 - Full-automatic Transformer Turn Rate Tester 1 and IEC60044. The tester could be applied to test the ratio of single or three phase transformer. Also the connection group of three phase transformer could be calculated with the ratio. All parameters are measured in one test for three phase transformer. 2. Main functions and characters 1 Automatically measure transformer connection group 2 Automatically switch range 3 Automatically measure ratio of single or three phase transformer 4 Automatically measure ratio of single or three phase voltage transformer 5 Automatically measure the turn ratio and polarity of single phase CT and VT 6 Calculate ratio error automatically
    Chongqing Gold Mechanical
  • DAC-VCTT-6 - Test Equipment for Instrument Transformer (Transportable) DAC-VCTT-6 is a Current-Comparator-type Transformer Bridge for testing ratio errors and phase angles of instrument transformers (VT/CT). This set alone enables users to test Current Transformers (CT) and Voltage Transformers (VT). It is transportable and suitable for on-site tests.
    Soken Electric Co
  • Single Phase, Hand-Cranked TTR - Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set • Used for testing single phase power and distribution transformers • Design based on precision bridge measuring technique • Unmatched accuracy (±0.1%) in a portable design The Single Phase TTR, Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set, measures the turns ratio and exciting current of windings in power, potential and current transformers. Deviations in turns ratio readings indicate problems in one or both windings or the magnetic core circuit.

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Current Transformer Test - measures insulation, excitation current, turns ratio, winding polarity saturation and/or winding resistance. Current Transformers