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  • CapAnalyzer 88A - Capacitor Tester The CapAnalyzer 88A checks electrolytic capacitors in-circuit for both ESR and DCR with no unsoldering. It is the only capacitor tester that discharges the cap, checks it for low DC Resistance (DCR), reads out high-frequency Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) and compares your readings to industry standards on the three-color chart right on the front panel. The included one-handed tweezer probe allows testing of both normal and surface-mounted electrolytics and uses coaxial cable instead of normal test-probe wire for stable readings on small capacitors. Now shipping series II, which gets extended battery life.
    Electronic Design
  • DB236 - Capacitor Tester for large capacitances The DB236 High Capacitance Tester is specially designed for high accuracy and automatic high speed testing of large capacitance’s such as metallized film, tantalum and aluminium capacitors. Measuring frequencies: 100kHz, 10kHz, 1kHz and 100Hz (120Hz)
    Danbridge A/s
  • YF2611 - ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR LEAKAGE CURRENT TESTER YF2611 is specially designed to test the leakage current of the electrolytic capacitor, and meet the requirements of international standard. It can LED display the leakage current and testing voltage directly. User can preset the charging time, discharge time and the upper limit of leak current, and alert when exeeds the limit. It is the ideal test instrument for the manufacturer of EB and electronic capacitor.
    Everfine Photo-E-Info
  • 3550 - High Cap multi-layer ceramic capacitors tester ESI's Model 3550 performs electrical testing of High Cap multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) at productivity rates of up to 9,000 chips per minute. Multiple tests are simultaneously performed on chips as small as 01005 (0402 metric) on an advanced handler using ESI's non-jamming patented rotary technology.
    Electro Scientific
  • DB232 - Capacitor Tester The DB232 Component Tester is especially designed for high accuracy testing of capacitors on production lines, not least for integration with sorting machines in a production environment. Measuring frequencies: 100kHz, 10kHz, 1kHz and 100Hz
    Danbridge A/s
  • Cap Check - Capacitor Testers The Cap Check line of capacitor testers is designed to identify internal problems with a capacitor or capacitor bank. The instruments are proven to be a valuable asset in maintaining both pole-mounted and substation capacitors. The testers will identify bad or failing capacitors that may rupture upon energizing.
    HD Electric Company
  • TIF660 - Capacitor Tester Identifies good, bad and leaking capacitors Range 1 – 2000µF Checks continuity of fuses and transformers Built in test leads Push button control Testing current 1mA max Charging time 45µF/sec
  • MT-2007-C - Capacitor Tester (for Analog Multimeter) This Accessory Capacitance Tester is an small, safe, battery operated, easy to operate accessory tester for measuring the capacitance on linearity feature with analogue multimeter. Its measuring scopes cover from 100pF to 25uF with three ranges 0.025-0.25-25uF.
    Prokit's Industries
  • JZS - Capacitor Ripple Current Wear Tester 1) Ripple frequency: 50Hz - 100kHz (by order)
    2) It has DC bias disable function
    3) Automatic discharge
    4) Multifunctional timer
    5) Easy front panel
    6) Used for capacitor factories and capacitor consumers
    Shekonic Electric
    General Tools & Instruments
  • DU-9000/9001 - Automatic Capacitor Test System Handy may scan 10 DUTs continuous each time to enhance the efficiency
    Function may scan 6 frequency points continuous in each testing cycle
    Completeness may print out the testing result and its analysis diagram
    Expansion may connect with other DU's model to enhance the efficiency
    Delta United Instrument
  • DB230 - Capacitor Tester The DB230 Component Tester is especially designed for high accuracy testing of capacitors on production lines, not least for integration with sorting machines in a production environment. The instrument is reliable, user-friendly and easy to set up to any test.
    Danbridge A/s
  • Quick-Check® - Transformer and Capacitor Tester The Quick-Check® Transformer and Capacitor Tester is a versatile tool for quick and easy checks of capacitors, transformers and the connections made to them. In the field, the Quick-Check is used to test the primary and secondary sides of single- or three-phase transformer installations for short circuits prior to energizing.
    HD Electric Company
  • MFD10 - CAPACITOR TESTER With one hand operation, the MFD10 provides the fastest measurements of capacitor values.
  • MegaPulse Capacitor Series - Capacitor Surge Tester MegaPulse Capacitor Series: Surge Testing of Capacitors to the requirements of IEC 384. Compliance West USA feels there is no need to spend more than necessary to obtain results required for approvals. Our MegaPulse Capacitor line is a case in point. Many times, manufacturers need to pretest or witness test only a small number of separate capacitor Surge testing requirements, but find that to do so they need to purchase a large base station/plug in solution.
    Compliance West USA
  • 236 - In-Circuit ESR & DCR capacitor Tester This In-circuit ESR & DCR capacitor tester is designed to measure ESR (equivalent Series Resistance) on capacitors range from 0.47uF to 2200uF, in or out of circuit. The ability to trouble shoot in-circuit saves time and makes the 236 a must for anyone that tests or trouble shoots PCB (printed circuit boards).
    GME Technology
  • CVT-765 - Capacitor Voltage Transformer Tester The Vanguard CVT-765 is a microprocessor-based, single phase, automatic, transformer turns-ratio tester. This portable test unit is specifically designed to measure the turns-ratios of Voltage Transformers (VT’s), Potential Transformers (PT’s), and Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CVT’s).
    Vanguard Instruments
  • MS8910 - Smart SMD Tester Easy test of SMD capacitor and resistor with clip. Auto scanning and auto ranging for resistance, capacitance or diode test automatically, just clip and get the reading.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • S1345 - Oscilloscope 1mV/DIV Sensitivity. Variable Hold Off X-Y Operation TV Sync. Beam Finder Sweep Mix Z Modulation Component Tester (Max test voltage 8.6 Vrms on open circuit; Max test current 11ma shorted; TESTS: line frequency; capacitors; inductors; diodes; transistors ; zener etc.) (Max test voltage 8.6 Vrms on open circuit; Max test current 11ma shorted; TESTS: line frequency; capacitors; inductors; diodes; transistors ; zener etc.) 2 FREE probes (x1 & x10) included.
    Elenco Electronics
  • 72-8485 - SMD Component Tester with Digital Multimeter Compact pocket size multimeter measures AC/DC volts, resistance, capacitance and provides diode test. Convenient "pen-style" allows the unit to be carried easily in a shirt pocket or toolbox. Included SMD probe allows quick one hand measurements of resistors, capacitors and diodes, even when mounted to a PC board. Simply unplug the probe and insert the included test leads and the unit is ready to measure AC/DC volts.
  • SC67 - Manual Ranging Clamp Meter with Temperature to 1000ºF So you’re not into accessory head instruments but still want a great meter design for HVAC/R, the SC67 is a great choice. It’s a manual ranging clamp on meter that includes most of the electrical ranges you use for HVAC/R plus temperature, up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit with a compatible k-type thermocouple, for a great price. It also has several safety features like a high-voltage LED and beeper, a continuity warning, push button non-contact voltage (NCV), a lead holder on the clamp, and MAX hold so you can concentrate on the test point, hook up, and see the results after you’ve disconnected. It also includes capacitance (MFD) for checking motor-start and motor-run capacitors and microamps DC for flame diode tests. Techs tell us It’s a solid performer for everyday HVAC/R testing.
    Fieldpiece Instruments
  • CM1555 - Multimeter Measures capacitors from .1pF to 20;000uF 3 1/2 Digit LCD readout with unit indicator Zero control for test lead compensation Banana jack and special insertion jack included Compact size with tilt stand Test Leads Included. Operates on (1) 9V battery (included)
    Elenco Electronics
  • DCM3 - Digital Capacitance Meter The DCM3 Digital Capacitance Meter offers solid value in an industrial quality meter. The wide range of inputs allows testing from the smallest electronic components to large run/start capacitors. The rugged design with protective boot and auto power off function keep your meter working under the toughest work conditions.
    UEi Test & Measurement
  • Atlas LCR - Passive Component Analyzer The Atlas LCR automatically identifies and analyses almost any passive component (Inductor, Capacitor or Resistor). It measures it's parameters using automatically selected test frequencies (DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz). Inductance from 1uH to 10H, Capacitance from 1pF to 10,000uF and Resistance from 1ohm to 2Mohm.
    Peak Electronic Design

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