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  • VB120 - BROADCAST PROBE The VB120 BROADCAST PROBE is a blade based platform for continuous digital TV monitoring, its modular concept providing the flexibility needed for a cost-effective surveillance system tailor-made for each operator. System scalability in terms of monitoring capacity, signal formats handled and functionality ensures a future-proof solution, an invaluable asset in an ever changing world.
    Bridge Technologies
  • VB12-RF - Portable QAM / VSB Broadcast IP / RF Network Probe The VB12-RF covers all the monitoring needs encounterede in hybrid IP and RF networks, be it QAM or VSB. In particular the factory-fitted QAM input front end option offers the service technician a must-have compact and practical tool for fault seeking in any modern cable-TV infrastructure.
    Bridge Technologies
  • 3025 - BROADCAST POWER MONITOR The COMM-connect Entry Level Broadcast Power Monitor type 3025 can control two external RF Measuring heads. The high dynamic range with external couplers and RF measuring heads cover from 1W to 1MW. Equipped with the RMS Probes the Power conversion algorithms handles multi carrier, multi mode signals. With the 3026 Diode base probe the power readout gives good repeatable results. The power readout is auto scaled and VSWR will be calculated between the two probes. The COMM-connect Entry Level Power Monitor gives a number of application to monitor and control the last part of your RF network installation from transmitters to the antenna.
    LBA Group

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Broadcast - The Transmission of television, Internet or radio to a number of viewers or listeners.

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